No.5 Venus Dish Necklace Silver



The No.5 Venus Dish Oyster Shell is cast from solid recycled sterling silver. Style with silk cord or add as a charm to your favorite chain.

Includes Sterling Silver Piece + Silk Cord. Note: does not include chain.

  • Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in New York

No.5 Venus Dish Oyster Shell is a part of The "Venus Descent" study that parallels the planetary orbit of Venus with the spiraling growth patterns of shells. Pieces from this collection are formed from precious metals, recycled sterling silver, which are birthed from supernovae explosions. The use of shell forms and precious metals merges the stars and the water, referencing both the planet Venus of the cosmos and the goddess Venus of the ocean, who was "born from seafoam" within an oyster, like a pearl.

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